Top fabric softener myths & beliefs.

Fabric softener myths beliefs

Fabric softener myths & beliefs

Get the definitive answers on classic beliefs about softeners.

Ever wondered whether there was any truth to those old fabric softener sayings and beliefs? Get the straight facts and get to know Downy just a little bit better.

Belief #1: Liquid Downy may stain clothes.

True. Most fabric softeners run a small risk of staining.  To help prevent staining, avoid pouring liquid Downy directly on fabrics, as it’s usually direct contact that causes spotting or staining. Instead, use the automatic dispenser in your washer.  If you don’t have one, simply add your fabric softener to the rinse cycle in your washing machine, or hand wash.

Belief #2: Downy makes towels less absorbent.

True. When Downy is infused into fabrics, it reduces their ability to absorb to a small degree. However, this difference on absorbency is subtle when compared to the experience you get when drying off with a soft, fresh towel just washed in Downy.  Try for yourself, and we think you’ll agree.